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18 May 2008

17 May 2008 Night... It's done. (As Firework...)

The 2007/2008 academy year of Oxford Brookes is finished...

As this firework...

And now...

Lots of cars are in the car park as when I came Morrell Hall Firstly.

Because, now residences should leave the current flat until 6th June (Without Cheney Hall).

Also, my favourite bar... Morals Mar is shut down until September. (It's depend on Brookes SU's decision)

(Where do I go for watching EURO 2008?)


Where were you yesterday? (Question to Brookes)

Someone were in the ball and enjoy the last chill out at Brookes.

Someone were in the flat as me and my flat mates... (Quite bored evening)

Someone were in the their home and meet old friend again.

Or... Someone worked...

Oh dear... Someone studied hard (I know most of UK uni students wait exams but we've done).


Enjoy your Summer...

I envy... you are so young...

(Where is my pension application form?)