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08 May 2008

Parents Day in South Korea

About 5 weeks ago,

My Sister would be a mother of a son.

How did she feel the moment?


I have a grand mother, parents and a elder sister.

I haven't seen them for more than 1 year approximately.


When I call them, I just say

"Hello... How are you?"

Or... sometimes... "Could you send money?"


Am I good a son or a younger brother for them?

I really do not think so....


I heard my father's business condition is harder and harder...

In addition, my father might be old as to consider retirement.


However... I haven't given any help to my family...

Just... Received their help in England...


About 2 years ago,

When I decided to study in England and said to my family, they were surprise but supported my new start.

If I do not choose this opinion, is my family's challenge



I really thanks for them.

Sometimes, my father said

"Other families' son and daughter claimed to their parents often, my children has not done"

It might be wrong, However if he is right, it could be explained "I do not feel to claim to my parents"


However, I am afraid to my parents.

I want to show to them their son is better than others.

But... My ability does not enough for getting confidence.

It might be the cause of to cut conversation between me and my parents.


However, they understand me.

Even, their son think the different way from their hope.


Today is the parents day in South Korea.

Usually, sons and daughters give Carnations to their parents today.

I cannot give the flower to my parents as usual in this year...


What do I say when I call to them?


Might be...

"Could you send money..."

Fuck... I am a dumb of the dumb...


(Korean Pop) Music Video - Father (Psy)


S Sommer said...

Hi, I am an older lady, living in Seattle. I have Korean friends here.

I used to love to watch Korean soap operas on TV.. lots of family dynamics!

I have a question, please: I agree that US beef should be tested for Mad Cow disease & it is a disgrace that our government refuses to do it. Many producers are willing to do it!

But, if South Korean people are afraid of disease, why not just refuse to purchase US beef? If nobody buys it, the deal will end quickly.

I refuse to buy produce from Mexico because I fear disease. I never buy their tomatoes, etc I pay more for US or Canadian tomatoes.

Right now, people are sick from salmonella from tomatoes & it is certain they will be from Mexico.

The government can import the food but the people do not have to buy it. So, I am wondering why the demonstrations in Seoul?

Can you explain? I would say to all South Koreans: do not buy US beef.

I only buy US beef which is grass fed, organic, no hormones, etc and buy buffalo more than beef.

So, the consumer still has power!

I would like your comment.

Thank you! Suzette Sommer

지호 | Ji Ho | 志浩 said...

Dear Suzette

Thanks for your comment.

I slightly surprised your comment because this post isn't relate with our country's very controversial issue.

Thanks for understand Korean.
However, Just 'Do Not Buy' is not an answer of this problem.

Korean concern about MASS consumer of Beef, Such as big restaurant chains, Seasoning manufactures.

They might use US beef because US beef is much cheaper than Korean beef.

If they use a problem beef for their food or product, it could be caused another problem.

Also, Korean Gov. agreed to import over 30 month age beef (Include its bone) from US. These Beef does not sell in the US.

So, Korean are into this Candle Parade every night.

Thanks for your interesting.
I am not sure this comment is enough for you.


(P.S.) These site might help for understand why Korean people are angry by their Gov.

S Sommer said...

Ji Ho,

Thank you for your answer. Now I understand the problems. I was not thinking about restaurants buying the cheap beef and not being honest about it.

I also did not know about the 30 month beef. The press in America did not mention that issue.

Very few in America know the problems with beef raised on feed and corn, rather then in a field eating grass. It makes a big difference in the health of the cow.

I know my comment was not on your topic but I was happy to see someone Korean and from Korea who writes in English. I had wanted to ask my questions about the demonstrations and the anger of Koreans about the Amercian beef.

I am thankful for the internet for allowing people to talk to each other without the press or any government. We are more honest.

I have traveled the world, to a number of countries, and always find the people sensible and kind.

I thought there must be a good reason for the demonstrations!

Do not be so hard on yourself. I am sure you are doing your best.

Best wishes,

Suzette Sommer

Anonymous said...
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