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09 July 2008

'After Finish, you can rest for long time unitl be bored'

달리기 - SES

This song is one of famous Korean femail idol band, S.E.S.' 'Running'.
(Some Japanese and East-Southren Asian might know them)

The last lyric of This song is
 'After Finish, you can rest for long time unitl be bored' (Can you Understand?)

 It might describe my current situation.

 Just some month ago, When I write lots of LASTMINUTES essays.
 I just hoped long vacation.

 And... Now...
 I've got the vacation but it is extreamly boring.

 Originally, I made some plan for vacation but it dose not work.
 (Just one, I will be back to my Lovely South Korea on Auguest)

 This semester, I've got so disapointment result even my friends write their proud result on FB status.
 Yes, it was casues by lots of factors.
 I am so lazy and hadn't understood about the lecture.
 However, the fundermental reason is... MY LANGUAGE ability.

 (I might post about this News Article soon)

 So... I need to improve my Language ability... (Please, help me!)
 Ok... Language matter will think next time.

 Originally, I planed to attend Work Placement but... Yes... I did not.

 Just I enjoy GERGEOUS TYPICAL BRITSH weather... (As today)

 I might miss friends who burned Nights of Oxford.
 And... When the semester start agian, I will miss today's too bored day.