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04 July 2008

Oxford Brookes University ... Open as Usual

Do you think Brookes Three Campus might be like Notrh or South Pole because you are not there?

Do not worry... Brookes is Open As Usual...

Just our Lovely Morals Bar is closed already (Just after 2008 Ball) also Harts bar's door will be open at September, where is one of my faviourte area for watching EURO 2008.

No Hazey's Krazey Karaoke Klub

No Peach


No Pleasuredome

No Blitz...

But... Do not worry... Sports Bar open as usual and these lovely events will be back when you back to Brookes. (Sorry. I don't know about Harcourt Hill Bar)

However, Brookes is lively yet even you are not there.

Gipsy Lane is the small world of teenagers.

Because some English Language Organisations’ summer schools are based out lovely campus.

Just Different thing is between us, they should go to Cafeteria for their meal.

Sometimes, our Main Hall and Sports Bar changed to 'temporary' the Venue.

So.. These teenagers enjoy the dance at Main Hall and Sports Bar.

In addition, Brookes' own Summer School students are in Gipsy Lane.

(I worry they have lunch at just Sports Bar... (As my experience...))

Pu… Ok… Next week I might see some mates near Darcy Building or Main Hall. (I do not write what for…)

Oh... Harcourt Hill... Also, they are open as usual.

Brookes are doing Teaching session in Harcourt Hill Campus now, so I can see plenty of people in that Campus.

In addition, Pipe construction is doing in that campus so It’s hard to walk Residence side. (Really?)

Ah! You expect some Change in Uni.

Firstly, You will see a new footpath at Gipsy Lane Campus.

Especially, If you go to Tonge Building or ICLES building, It might be excitement change.

Secondly, the Half area of 24hr Harcourt Hill computer site is closed. Do you have idea what will happen?

Sorry. I haven’t take picture current our lovely Campus…

Because my Brookes Bus pass is expires so I usually buy MEGARIDER or BROOKES FLEXI – 12 pass.

And… your Lovely Brookes bus is reduced schedule for vacation.

Finally, my laptop is at Plymouth, where is located my Laptop’s Repair Centre.

(I haven’t seen my laptop for a week)

So… They are reasons why I haven’t take photos. (Hey… the real reason is you are EXTREAMLY LAZY)

I hope next posting might be with photos…


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