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30 July 2008

It's Ji-Ho's 27th Birthday

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From : Amadeus (1984)


SALIERI SYNDROME - When a person of average talent and intelligence aims to criticize and find fault with genius.

From The Syndrome Syndrome






Why I came to the UK?


My English is not fluent.

My Creativity is poor.

When I deal with a problem, I make other problems.

I cannot enjoy the night as others.

My sports activity is too terrible.

My Interpersonal skill? Oh dear...






Sometimes, I found

I cannot be over them.


I stand behind them.


Why? I stay here?


I pay tuition fees twice more than UK/EU students.

I haven't got opportunities for getting Scholarships.

Life Cost in Oxford? Oh My God...


Wonder Girls - Wishing On a Star


I have a dream.


It is to stand behind Mozarts, who have talent.


Their talents might be completed by my ability.



To direct exciting music festival.


To be the chief of International Broadcasting Network.


Yes... It's too big and unreasonable.


In addition, the future of Media Industry is not bright.

Isn't it?


However, I choose to walk this way


Because I am addictive this industry.


I don't know why...

However, it is the reason, I am here.


Rod Stewart - SAILING






And Jealously...


I should overcome them.

But, it is not so easy...


However, I should do...




I take this road.

Even it is a unlimited tunnel.


Thank for who (will) celebrate my 27th Birthday.


From : Oxford Brookes Univ. The Ball 2008