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01 December 2008

2008 Turner Prize Winner - Mark Leckey

Cartoon lover wins Turner prize 

Mark Leckey has won the Turner Prize with an exhibition featuring cartoon characters like Homer Simpson.

Felix the Cat, Garfield, and the Titanic movie also appeared in a film by Leckey, where the artist was seen lecturing on his love of animation....

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What do you think about this year Turner Pirze winning object?

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R s said...

Mark leckey deserved to win.
Aside from that though, the way that the art press has covered the competition this year makes me ashamed to be british. Its insane the level of vitriol directed at the artists.

In his interview with c4 after the award, leckey was dead on to say that "britain is the worst place for art criticism" Most of the comments on the works are just recycled statements made by other journalists. The general approach to art criticism in this country is lazy and cynical. Very few tend to go to the effort of forming their own independent opnions. Which i find more than a little worrying.

That goes as well for people who judge the works without seeing them for themselves, based on second hand opinions. I think its important people view the work themselves, and try not to pay attention to all the b-s in the press.

지호 | Ji Ho | 志浩 said...

Thanks R.

Yes. Turner Prize has controversial debate every years.
I'm not sure how do I define quality of art.

Your comment gives another view of how do I evaluate Turner Prize. :)