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13 December 2008

I used to drink…

Last month

France24 reported very interesting topic.

Huesik: Korean for binge drinking (English)

Après le boulot, le goulot (French)


Yes, It was my night culture.

When I went to Korean College, I should go to Hue-Sik every day. (Hey.. When I went to college, I was over 20!)


“Drink Soju as water”

This sentence might be describe my drinking behaviour.

By the Way, do you know what is Soju?


Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary describe it as…

Korean vodka distilled from rice

A blogger describes it is the best-selling booze in the world. Yes, if you are in Korea, you will drink wine and vodka very rarely. Instead of, you will see this lovely green bottles (Colour of Soju bottle) every where.

As This picture


My favourite Soju is Cham-Isel, which is contain 20.1% of alcohol.

Recently, some new Soju brands have been introduced and most of them contains less alcohol than Cham-Isel. I have an opportunity to drink one of these brand. It was my react.

“ What’s it? Is it water? ”


However, I might not drink this Soju, Jinro Gold, which contains 25% alcohol.

If I drink this bottle, I might feel my throat and tongue is burned.


By the Way, I used to drink one to two bottles of Soju everyday. Sometimes, I drunk until cannot recognise every thing. (Yes, typical symptom of Binge Drinking) Also, I suffered hang over every morning (?).


However, I cannot drink as when I was young. Also, when I met my friend in Korea, they drunk small amount of alcohol. Hu… Yes, It means I am older and older now.


Recently, I have seen lots of party photos on facebook. When I was young, Club was not my favourite space because I do not have enough money for entertain there. Yes, I never have been clubs in Korea.


Usually, I drink beer at some restaurants or pubs, we called HOF. You might think I drunk as luxury restaurants but there is not luxury and I cannot find adapt words where explain where I drink. The similar words is pubs but there is different pubs.


Anyway, I envy them, who post their amuse photos in clubs on facebook or other sites. Ah… Feel so alone.



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