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18 December 2008

Wait and Wait and Wait but…

Unexpected luck…
As this Video.

Yes, Snow in Desert…  It is one of unexpected luck.
I might have a same kind of unexpected luck.
It didn’t happen.

I should do Work Placement for attending Honours module.
Last summer, I didn’t find it so I have been looking for work placement, which is able to on this winter.

Last November, I applied to one large organisation, which is located on London by the internet.
My application… It is so rubbish.

Anyway… After a month…
When I challenged lots (??) of assignments,
I heard one of Oxford local organisations provides work placement.
Also,I applied it again and had got meeting on last Tuesday.

Last Monday, I have an voice mail on my mobile phone.
That message was came from London organisation, which I applied on last month.
She, who called to me, asked to call back for discussing my work placement application.

It was surprised from this message, I did not expect they contact me.

However from Tuesday…

I had meeting with the administer of Oxford organisation.
When the administer asked “Could you tell me about you?”

Yes, it is very very very basic question.
However, I found my answer was so dump.
Repeat, Repeat and Repeat.
I did not give ant impression comments to the administer.

In addition, when he asked “What kinds of work placement I want to do?”…
Oh my god… How do I answered it?
Yes… Dummy, Dummy and Dummy.

I just expected to do what they ask.
However, I never expected I might say what I want to do for work placement.

Yes, it the alarm alert of disaster.

In addition, I said I have got contact from London organisation. (Suicide…)

I tried to promote me as possible and the administer said just now they did not have place so they will contact me on March. I hope to get contact to them again.

Ok… It was last Tuesday nightmare.
However, Last Wednesday…
Finally, I’ve got call from London organisation.

Also, the caller asked same question as the day before.
“What do you want to do?”…
Also, I answered as a dummy.

The phone was not longer than I expected.
I did to introduce me and answered what this organisation provides which kinds of work placement.
It was nice for me but they might do not feel my interesting.

The caller said if they are accept me, I might received the call on today.

I wait… However, the phone hasn’t rang.


Yes, the unexpected luck…
It did not happen for me.