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10 October 2005

Gambling (the name of "go to the univ.")

When I got the Korean SAT result paper.
I saw table paper that helping for apply University.

My tutorial teacher (In Korean "DAM-IM SA~~M") said
"Let me see... This is too hard. Umm.. It is good. Could you apply this university?"

2000, first winter.
I gambled the name of "go to the university".
All university apply failed. (in my country can apply 4 times)
And I try apply of College. (In my country University is "Undergraduate Course" College is "Diploma course")

Finally, I entered Dongseoul college. That is my safety applying.
(But I don't regret my college)

Today, I remember this experience.
Hu... Do I again gambling? The Times Good University Guide The Guardian University Guide