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30 October 2005

Forrest Gump

Forest Gump /1994 / USA / DRAMA / Director : Robert Zemeckis
I watched this film at a Big cinema at the Seoul Central.
Film started at AM 11 o'clock. So, I went to the cinema early. (Because, It's cheap)
Now, the cinema change to the multiplax cinema.
Today I watched the news about some teenage girls.
At the gallery, Some girls showed a famous singer. (Also, It's false)
So, Many girls pushed another person because they saw him(singer).
And, 10 girls had injury.
Many Korean Netizen think that they don't understand some teenage girls behavior.
"Why they crazyed when they saw the entainer"
"Poolish girls, Singer know you mind? Never.."
However, I can understand their mind.
Why? I have same mind.
Broadcast director...
It's too hard job of getting.
So, Broadcast company entered exam's kickname is "Broadcast-Gosi"
(Gosi means national officer (Office,Law,diplomatic) choosed exam)
When I young. Maybe, that is utopia.
Entainment, News, Drama, Show....
I want to make that. No, I want to entered the broadcast world.
However, I grew up. I know broadcast's bad side.
Bribe, Watch point, Advertisement...
Yes, All thing don't have utopia.
But, I stand at LONDON. Because, Entered the broadcasting company.
Even, That have bad side. My dream don't change.
It's that Forrest Gump's mind to Jane.


Ilya Glazkov said...

one of the greatest movies ever...

지호 | Ji Ho | 志浩 said...

Um.. I remember when I saw this film... It's too, too long time ago... Um...