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11 October 2005

Our Twisted Hero

Our Twisted Hero , Korea , 1992 , Drama , Director : Park jong won

When I prepared applying Korea National University of Arts.
I saw this moive.

This movie synopsys is that
" I move to primary countryside school. When I met 'Suck-dae'. He is the king of my class. I hated all of 'Suck-dae'. So, I resistanced him. However, after few month, I entered the 'Suck-dae world'. When came to 2nd term. New tutorial teacher came to my class. He tried change the Suck-dae world. Finally, Suck-dae all classmate revanged Suck-dae (expect me). At the same day night, He fired Our classroom and left. "

My English capacity is too poor. So I can't detail story.

Recently, Our county middle school(UK -> GCSE) happen murder accident.
The familyname of Choi student killed my classmate.
Beacuse, " his body passed victim classmate book".

This accident annouced on the internet by victim cousin.
Many Netizen(internet user) upset of this news.
So, they write comment at potal site (UK -> Yahoo,msn) news section

However, Potal site ereased these comment.
Because, " resepect harmer(Choi),their family and school right"

So, many netizen angry this event.
Some netizen make wrong news (about harmer).

I rembered a netizen comment.
"Why we angry? Because, we try disappear 'Our Twisted Hero'"