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30 August 2006

Why does Jiho carry the laptop to classroom???

My lovely Laptop's weight is 2.86 kg. (6.3 lbs)
Of course, it is lighter than my old lapop (that was 3.2kg) but it is hard to carry.
(About my lovely laptop infomation -> Click here [PDF])

However I have carried that from this year January, when I went to Foundation course.

Usually, I bought this one for Video editing and this one's price is too high, (Maybe, it is more expensieve than my Korean home's computer) so my plan was keeping that in my room, but I changed my plan.

At then, one of big problem of me was copying the whiteboard handwriting. Some teacher's handwriting was a little bit bad so I hard recognized the that and I tried find the solution.

It is Microsoft Office's Winnote. Usually, this program optimised to Tablet Laptop but can use common laptop. so I decided using that.

Why was this one the soilution? ^^;;; The cause is Spelling Checking fuction. (But usually this function worked of USA English function so...)

Anyway... I have used my laptop in the classroom for eight month.
Now I give rest to my laptop.
It means I will not carry my laptop to classroom until when I need that again.

Anyway... Tutors... Please know that..

(If you want to know about Microsoft Winnote. Please click this article's title)