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28 August 2006

Top Of The Pops

Before when I start Pre-Sessional Course C, I think about Top of The Pops.

This programme is BBC's represent Music show Programme but finished at 30.July.2006. (My 25th Birthday) because BBC do not have competitive power against Music channels (such as MTV,BOX...) and the Internet (such as YouTube, MySpace...).

When I was chind, Music show programme was my recharger and amuse. Especially, when I worked at the fire station. (Duty) This programme was essential item of me. However now? Hu....

Anyway, today I saw the news article about Music show programmes' view point. In short, these programmes are competieve with the National anthem's view point. (In my country's National anthem view point means too lowest view point. In other words, anyone do not watch that)

In addition, some biggest Cable and SAT channels try make their own programme against existing TV stations. (such as BBC,ITV..) Usually, Production part was just for existing TV station but this concept is breaking now.

In the future...
Which enviroment will meet me?

(About Top of the Pops)