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23 August 2006

Where am I? (before take the exam)

Some day ago, I saw some articles on my blog.
Do you remember? (Maybe… Anyone is NOT…)
My blog’s first moto… “No grammar, No spelling”
When I review my articles, Really they are No grammar and No spelling.
However they are good experience of me because My English ability are increased by them.
Of course, now my English ability is not good. Never… it is terrible.
Maybe… yet I do not escape from the Teletubbie land.
(What is Teletubbies?? Oh my goodness!! Please click here)
However really is my English growing up?
I think my position is same point from when I arrive in UK.
Is it my a hallucination?

(P.S.) When I write this article, I think this book. Please click.

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