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07 June 2007

Big Brother 8 | Emily Out (Actually, EJECTED)

The Screen shot about Emily profile from BB official site (Channel4)

Do you remember last Celebrity Big Brother 2007?
Maybe... lots of people think this big brother is the worst of every big brother serises.

Photo from Wikipedia
Jo O'Meara, Danielle Lloyd and Jade Goody said RACISM comment and did bullying to Shilpa Shetty.

Their behaviour was international current affair and Channel4 and Ofcom recieved lots of complains. (It was the historical complains record of Ofcom)

Anyway... New Big Brother 8 kicked off again about a weeks ago and today Channel4 and Brighter Pictures (a part of Endemol UK) announced very serious statment.

Emily, who was nominated this friday eviction, suddenly left the house.

"Housemates. On the day that you entered the Big
Brother house, all housemates were reminded of the Big Brother rules. Emily has
broken a fundamental rule of Big Brother and has been removed from the Big
Brother House. The rules regarding unacceptable behaviour clearly state that:
'Big Brother will intervene and take appropriate action if housemates behave in
a way that Big Brother considers is unacceptable. Unacceptable behaviour
includes: Behaving in a way that could cause serious offence to either their
fellow housemates or members of the viewing public including serious offence
based on the grounds of race.' The rules clearly state that: 'Housemates who act
in a way that is seriously unacceptable will be evicted.' Tomorrow's eviction
has been cancelled. Big Brother."

From Channel4 Big Brother Official page

What did Emily do? Accroding to Channel4's statment.

Emily was with Charley and Nicky in the garden of the Big Brother House at
approximately 8.30pm last night when she was heard to say
"Are you
pushing it out you nigger?"
to Charley.

From Channel4 Big Brother Official page

Also you can see detail chatting script on BB unofficial site 'Being Big Brother'.

Fortunately, this chatting did not broadcast on E4 live streaming.
However same accident happened again. Just after 9 days.