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04 June 2007

A broadcasting station's DEAD

A TV station finished broadcasting because they failed renewal their broadcasting licence.

Why they failed? The answer is very simple.
"Their content biases went to anti-government"

So... they were...

On Saturday, May
, RCTV shut down its live internet stream in preparation for its forced
close-down on Sunday, May 27. At 0400 UTC on May 28 RCTV ceased
broadcasting and for the following 8 seconds the signal went dark. It was then
replaced by TVes's ident which
was on air for 20 minutes. At 0420 UTC TVes began programming for the
first time. DirecTV Venezuela has
substituted RCTV with TVes on 104.[17]

(From Wikipedia "RCTV")

The Farewell broadcasting of RCTV (From YouTube)

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez is one of my favourite politician.
His politics idea,bias and manage styles are interested.

However, this incident makes confusing.

The first broadcasting of TVes (From YouTube)

When RCTV closed, new Venezulean TV station started broadcasting on CH 2 which RCTV used.
The new station's name is TVes. It means 'Venezuelan Social Television'.
In other words, A privite broadcasting station changed a government station.

The new public channel, TVES, launched its transmissions early Monday with
artists singing pro-Chavez music, then carried an exercise program and a talk
show, interspersed with government ads proclaiming, "Now Venezuela belongs to

(From (International Herald Trubine / Original Source
from AP))

Actually, I do not know how RCTV broadcasted.
However, this news is so unhappy news for me who want to work the media industry.

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(P.S.) Thank you, Wikipedia.