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28 June 2007

Game Over. Insert the coin. (after IELTS Speaking)

Already... I am hopeless after morning task.

And now, i have just finished my Speaking task.

Part 1. I had a quesition my city (Where I was born) and rain.
Part 2. About the cloth which I recently bought.
Part 3. These questions about Fashion (80%) and Shopping(20%).

Firstly, I failed to control my voice speed. I spoke generally when I speak with my friends.
(many people think it is not a problem but it is my serious weakness)

Secondly, I did not checked my pronouncations. Really, I spoke some wrong pronouncation.

Thirdly, Lots of times, I felt a panic so I did not answered well.

OK... Perfectly... I have taken very very disapointed exam.
How do I do? Yes... it's time for drinking.

From Oxford circus, London