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09 June 2007

If I knew this fact...

I'd take IELTS after 1st July....

Oh! My! God! God! God!

New Half Band Scores

From 1 July 2007, we’re making a small but important change which will make
IELTS Band Scores more informative. Scores for each part of the test will still
be reported on the scale from 1 to 9, but now the Writing and Speaking modules
will be reported in whole or half-band in the same way as the Reading and
Listening modules.This will allow Recognising Institutions to specify their
requirements in more detail.
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Lissa said...

Hello Jiho! I have been looking your is really cool! hehehehehe...
Good luck in yor IELTS exam...I am sure that you will get a good score! Do not forget to send news about your university and your course! Anyway...where are you going to study?
Have a nice weekend!