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21 July 2007

It's the last night in Brighton.

I cannot believe that I will sleep at other city tomorrow.
However, It's true.

Today is the last night in Brighton.
I have stayed here for one year approximately.

Yes.. actually, I do not want to move another city.
I feel very comport in this city and want to stay more.
However, my current situation does not allow I stay here more.
(Yes! English Language Problem!)
Maybe... Tomorrow I know that...
"I left the busiest city at night, the sweetest city in the UK."
And missing them.
Univ of Sussex, Royal Pavilion, Marina, Brighton &Hove Beach, Fat boy slim's new year party, Churchil Square, Kemp Town, Honeyclub, The beach (club), Pool Valley Bus station, Brighton Station, Southern (train), Lewis, Seven sisters, North lane, Drunk night (weekends), The Provindence, Easy bar, 25, 49, N25, Brighton & Hove Bus, Moulsecombe, Sainsbury, ASDA, Ottogi (Korean Food Shop), TESCO, Somerfileds, London road, Lewis road, North Street, Old stain, Brighton Pier, West Pier, Tuk Tuk, Brighton Taxies, Hove DHL, West Street, Event II, ODEON, Cineworld, Weatherspoon, one stop shop, Hu... Etc.
Good BYE! I will miss you which is lovely city in my heart.