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05 July 2007

I should say "Congratulation Sochi" but...

Sochi wins
The Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi has beaten off competition from
Pyeongchang in South Korea and Austria's Salzburg to host the 2014 Winter
Olympic Games. Sochi won 51:47 against Pyeongchang in the second round of voting
at the 119th IOC session in Guatemala.

From Russia Today (

I'm Korean
My country bided 2014 Winter Olympic Game.

I expected we can have Winter Olympic Game but...

How do I understand this terrible situation... Just sad..

Sorry PyeongChang(

(More Realtive News Clip from Russia Today)


Michael Park said...

Dear My son,

This is your father.
I saw your english blog by a chance discovery.
When did you make this blog?

Are you used to open this blog eventhough during military service ?

I hope you will finish your military service by healthy !!
Your mam is same desire.

I love my son
and proud of you !!!

I want to see you soon before finish your service.

I love you....

From father.
31th August, 2008

지호 | Ji Ho | 志浩 said...

Dear Michael

I am afraid to write this comment because I am not a your son.

My military service was finished three years ago.
I think my name is same as your son so you might be confused.

However, if your son see your commnet, he should be proud and miss you.

I hope your son is doing well for military service.

Your Sincerely