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03 July 2007

Why am I in England.

OK... I want to discuss about this news article with you.
Please read this article before when you read this post.

English Is The Golden Tongue for S. Koreans
SEOUL -- Just a week into his summer vacation, 15-year-old Min-Kyu Kim
already has a tight schedule and ambitious goals: On this particular day, he
intends to memorize 600 words of English vocabulary, solve 10 pages of SSAT math
problems and take practice tests for English. He estimates the tests... more – by Joohee Cho

From (The Washington Post)

1, I met my Korean friend on an Instant Messenger.
Friend: "I do not understand why people study at oversea country"
Me: "Why?"
Friend: "Because I think if someone study more incentive, it's enough in my country"
I did not answer that because I agree with him.

2, Some months ago, my sister couple traveled some European countries and I traveled France and Italy with them.
The one thing that I surprised to them was they communicated better than me in there. Of course, they speak a bit of English and don't speak other languages.
My sister husband said "Simply the best"

3, I serious consider to attend Pre-sessional course from 23rd, July at Oxford Brookes University.
The problem is money. The course fee and housing fee are quiet expensive for me. (About... more than £2500 together)
If I got IELTS overall 6 (with Reading and Writing over 6), I do not need to attend that course. But...

How much have I spended money and time for learning English?
And, how much improve my English?
Why do I learn English in the UK where has lots of incidents?

The answer is Oh My GOD...

(P.S.) I want to share another news article form South Korea. This news article is about a man who has been rejected his UK student visa from embassy of United Kingdom in South Korea. This article is written by Korean and I show the article is translated to English by Google Translate tool.
From CBS NoCut News ( [Korean])

(P.S.2) Anyway What's your opinion about this news article?
Is it good for Korean or not? Please write your comment here.