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29 July 2007

This is Oxford.

Sorry!!! I haven't connected the Internet for long time.
Because I do not have my Internet account from Oxford Brookes Univ. yet.
I expect I will get the account on Monday (Tomorrow). If it isn't, Inshalla!
So.. This is Coffee Republic (one of the coffee store in the UK) and I post this article by Payment wireless Internet service (The Cloud).

OK... I am here for one week. Not short or Not long period.
Unfortunately, I am SAME as when I was on South Korea, London or Brighton.
OK!! I will study hard!!

Last week, this city was so busy because Flooding.
However, my residence is located the high area in Oxford so I do not have any damage about Flooding. (Sorry! It's not you wanted)
Just... the train does not go to London directly. (Take the replacement bus from Oxford station and you can take the train at Didcot Parkway station to Reading or London // Detail info
However, the weather is getting better now.

I hope I post my life and study in Oxford soon. (by my uni account)
Do not worry! It could be come soon.

(P.S) Quite Sad news for me. 30th July (Tomorrow) is my 26th Birthday.

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