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07 July 2007

Today is 7, July.

Yesterday, I just thought 'Live Earth' Concert.

Yes.. It's very amazing concert.

Lots of musician sing for a serious problem, 'Global Warming'.

Also, I am watching South Africa concert live streaming now.

Anyway, today is one of the sad historical day in the UK.

About two years ago, some of London transports were attracted by bomb.

It didn't pass 24 hours when London hold 2012 Olympic.

(Relative site : In Depth London Attacks [BBC NEWS])

After two years, most of people look like to forget this incident.

Okay... After two year, which newses are listed on BBC news web site?

We have enjoyed the 'Live Earth' Concert and thought 'Climate change' with lots of people. Good.

Also, BBC Gaza correspond, Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped by an armed group in Gaza, returned to his house. Good.

Wow.. After two years, our world finds the peace finally, doesn't it?

Hang on minute! What's the headline? 'Iraq market truck bomb kills 105'

Oh my dear... After two years, we see the massacre again?