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13 September 2006

Booking Van or plane ticket?

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Last 5,April
Many Korean scared of a football player's injury.
Lee Dong-guk... (Lee is family name)
He was important striker of the Korean national football team.
And he waited and prepared the World cup for 4 years.
(2002 : Did not pick up even he was famous)
World cup's kick off remind just 1~2 month.
He met the terrible situation.
He did not play at World cup Germany.
he waited too long time for World cup but God did not permited that he play on Germany ground.
Now my situation.
Maybe I give up my plan because of Language(English).
Actually I cannot study in here at October because my english ability is not enough to university's needs.
However I want to stay here.
Chance is just one.
Terrible new type's University of Sussex entering exam.
I worry that and confused.
In addition, tomorrow Seminar exam also is not easy.
It does not mean about topic, the problem is seminar manage style.
100% It is opposit my expect.
In addition, Presentation, Essay and exam.
I don't have confidence of them.
The result will see at 22nd.
Then Will I book VAN or Air plane ticket?
This week is too scared of me.