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20 September 2006

Defection D-2, After Exam

Whole things are finished.
From now, the lecture is option. (Really?)

Exam's feeling is 'Maybe' but 'Of course'.

Reading and Writing question's surprisely good for me.
But my terrible weakness, Use of English and New polt 'Listening'.
Use of English is easier than my expect but Listening is terrible.
In addtion, P.A. equiepment is not good.

Finally, Listening exam lead me to airport.

Yes... It's all...
It's finish...

However, I fell relieved.
From Now, I prepare come back.
But... How say to home about this fact?


(P.S.) This post send to my ex-roommates by E-mail.
Maybe... I worry it's last greeting for them.
If who visit here, writing comment please for FAREWELL.