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17 September 2006

Defection D-5

Anger is changed discourgement.

I try use more time for prepare Presentation of Exam.
However, yet I cannot erease terrible memories.

Problem's start was IELTS.
When I finished Pre-sessional B, I took IELTS again.
(Surely, Just Alone in Sussex Pre-sessional)

The result was not good.
I found my english level's upgrade but it is too less than Uni's needs.

Unfortunately, everyone knew this result.

When I recieved the result, I thought 'Success upgrade so I have hope'
However After someday, this idea broke.

Suddenly, I ran to Undergrade Office. I took my result to them.
They did not know why I came there and just said 'We will be decided by 20th exam's result'.
And my tutor and Programme manager asked alternative ways (such as College..)

Say again, I NEVER PICK this card.
So, If I fail I met serious situation and It will be decide my life.

Anyway, I'm in the Pevensey 1.
Here has 24hours PC service.
Maybe, Tonight I will live here because I have to a lot of things.

Now I heard the song, which is my presentaion's ending.
This presentation will be different of before 2 times.
Because... It's last presentation of me in the University of Sussex.