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22 September 2006

Defection D-day

It's Today...
Lasy day...
Final day...
When I know this fact, I try to denie that.
"It's wrong, I can enter here"
But... I know... here does not match of me.
Now... I'm comportable...
I can meet the final result.
Now I just worry my tutors, friends or family.
I just say 'Sorry' to them.
Remember... When I applied here.
My first apply result did come from Royal Hollyway.
Terrible... Unsuccesful.
After than, I met suprise result.
A university which I believed I never enter there.
They send to respond to me.
It is the cause of why I come in Brighton.
Then hope change to regret.
I got 4 univ's conditional offer.
Sussex, City, Anglia Ruskin (old APU) and London Metropolitan
Original first and second choice was failed.
I remember when I recieve Sussex's conditional letter.
I disappointed of high condition but really happied.
It's the post updated when I recieved first conditional letter.
English is always stress of me.
Always I heard that "Jiho's ability is good but his problem is just English"
Surely, It's not my pride.
Some concept I can explained by Korean
However I did not because I have to explain English.
When I saw some tutor's poor board writing.
I upseted so I prepared Laptop Notebook.
English is always the wall of my communication.
Study, Friends...
Always English interrupt me.
Also, Today...
Can you understand Teletubbies programme?
My situation is same of that.
Tutors' and Sussex friends' respond are different.
Tutors said "Just one year is hard to learn Academic Language"
Friends said "Yet we do not know final result Please don't give up"
However, Any my friends' mind were not same of me.
They have dream of their UK university life.
However I'm not.
Now time AM 1:55...
Firstly I heard BBC RADIO 3 long time.
I do not know what I do.
Anyway the result is decided and I just need to wait that.
However... too long time.
It's rainy...