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18 September 2006

Defection D-4

When I met terrible situation.
Also the sky waste me...

Yesterday Night I lived in a uni's 24hour PC center with My Ferrari Laptop.

When I leaved there (Take the Coffee) I locked my laptop to another computer's monitor.

When I released Kensington Lock. I did not work.
So my laptop lived in a Univ of Sussex's PC cluster.
The way is just one. disconnecting the iron Wire.
However, It is not easy because this one use special wire.

Anyway... Someday I will leave my laptop in here.
Because I do not have enough time for disconnecting.
Instand of, Maybe I will study here.

Today I'm hitted counter punch.
Its name is 'Use of English'. This exam's Grammar part.
I cannot flow the leacture because It's my serious weakness.
If is it multiful choice, I have some hoping but it is not.

Finally, It say why I leave University of Sussex.

Tomorrow... Can I say farewell?
I prepared that.