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24 September 2006

Yet... Tears were not dried.

Suddenly, I leave the house because I m not Sussex Univ students.
So my residence move to Hostel for four days.

Today morning, I find my tears again.
I tryt think it's better decision, just dealy one year.
However, My tear cannot stopped.

I want to rest this week but i cannot do it.
Because I have to find new accomdation.
Surely, It is not easy....

My situatuon is a bit worth than Postgraduate students.
Because They get promise which is if they pass Pre-Master course they absoulty enter Sussex Univ.
But... I start again from first step.

I decide new goal.
When I solve hosing problem, I will contact some university.
Surely, the goal higher than before 1 year.

Now I need someone's help.
This hostel is so nice but it's not enough covering my lonely.

Recently, I often send SMS to my ex-roommates.
Sorry... Too sadness... Too lonely...

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Anonymous said...


Cheer up! Life has to move on. We are your friends!