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16 September 2006

Defection D-6

Today, I move the house because University's housing policy.

However, I cannot change my documents (Driviing Licences, TV Licences...) to this address because I can live here just 1weeks.
It looks like Big Brother house's temptory room, which is evictied house mates lived.

Already, my tutor predicted I will fail the exam and she recomends alternative ways.
Also these ways were recomended by Language Center manager.

However, I cannot use those opitions.
Those opinions break the basic purpose of my study.
So I just wait the final day in the Brighton.

Surely, I have another chance which is Sussex enterence Exam.
However, According to the cause of their recommed, It will be not helpful of me.

Really, I exhausted.
Now I put off the cloth, which unmathched of me.

I have just 6 Days...

What do I do?
Firstly, I just prepare Presentation.
Next? I do not know.